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** Vikings Newsletter 20170306
0. Three devices now FSF-certified to respect your freedom
1. Crowdfunding "world's first libre hosting provider"
2. Join "Pulse of Europe" and protect our fundamental rights

** 0. Three devices now FSF-certified to respect your freedom
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today awarded Respects Your Freedom
(RYF) certification to three devices from us:

  * The Vikings D16 Mainboard
    http://qttr.at/1pv2 [0]

  * The Vikings X200 libre-friendly laptop
    http://qttr.at/1pv1 [1]

  * The Vikings USB Stereo Sound Adapter
    http://qttr.at/1pv0 [2]

The RYF certification mark means that the product meets the FSF's
standards in regard to users' freedom, control over the product, and

In contrast to other current libre-friendly computers, such as the
popular Thinkpad X200 or T400 that can run with libre boot firmware, the
Vikings D16 mainboard is especially interesting, it is much newer
hardware that can offer high performance for server and workstation
With 4 up to 32 logical cores, 256 GB RAM and multiple PCIe, USB and
other interfaces, its performance is on par with up-to-date high-end
server or workstation mainboards that only work with proprietary firmware.

All Vikings systems are backed by our two year guarantee, a boot
firmware update service and other supplementary services such as
advanced-hardware replacement in case of failure.
There are plenty of configurations available to fully meet both personal
and business needs. Vikings ships world-wide.

Buy buying hardware from our shop at https://store.vikings.net/ you're
also contributing to our "world's first libre hosting provider"

Read the FSF's press release here: http://qttr.at/1pv3 [3]

1. Crowdfunding "world's first libre hosting provider"
We have recently started a mini-crowdfunding campaign. If you like the
idea of a libre hosting provider that respects your freedom and privacy,
please support our campaign today and help making it happen!

Learn more at: https://store.vikings.net/crowdfunding-infos

2. Join "Pulse of Europe" and protect our fundamental rights
A free society as well as libre software can only exist if our
fundamental rights aren't restricted. The latest nationalist movements
that are covering all of Europe are, in our opinion, not only
frightening, but also a major threat to these rights.

"We are convinced that the majority of people believe in the fundamental
idea of the European Union and its reformability and development and
does not want to sacrifice it to nationalist tendencies.  Nothing less
than the protection of an alliance, which secures peace and guarantees
individual freedom, justice and legal security are at stake."

We all must now send out positive energy against current tendencies. The
European pulse must be felt everywhere, especially with the elections in
the Netherlands (2017-03-15) and France (2017-04-23)  coming up.

Pulse of Europe is currently active in Germany, France, The Netherlands
and Great Britain.

Learn more at: http://pulseofeurope.eu/?lang=en

** Alternative Links
[0] https://store.vikings.net/libre-friendly-hardware/d16-ryf-certfied
[1] https://store.vikings.net/libre-friendly-hardware/x200-ryf-certfied

Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Cordialement/Met vriendelijke groet
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